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(760) 914-4121

Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars

We Want YOU!

You read that right. We want automobiles of all makes and models in any condition you can think of. At Cash For Cars Camp Pendleton, we'll pay you some bills if you'll sell us your vehicle. Located in Oceanside, CA, we're here at the ready for you to call us and give us a little more information on the car that you don't want anymore so that we can make you an offer.

Why would I want to sell you my vehicle?

Well, that's something for you to decide and you don't even have to tell us your reason. Maybe you're tired of putting money into that old heap just to have it break down again what seems like every other day. Perhaps it's a great-running car and you're just tired of it, or you've been looking at a vehicle that you like better and want a good reason to replace it. Or it could be that it's just a junk car and nobody else would want to pay you for it, at least anyone in their right mind. It doesn't matter how you slice it, if you want to get rid of your car, we'll give you moolah.


It's pretty simple really. Because we buy cars. All kinds of cars. Answer a few simple questions so that we can tell you how much loot we'll give you. Not IF. Never ``if with us. It always boils down to how much and when. That's it. Pretty easy, huh?

It can be new. Well, we're pretty sure you wouldn't want to sell a brand spanking new automobile to us, but let's say you bought it new off the lot. Now it has some problems and the warranty just went out. Go figure on that one. So, you don't want to deal with the hassles. You'd rather have another car anyway.

It can be old. Say it was your grandpa's old Nellie and it's really not your style. You only took it so that your sister couldn't get everything, but now she's got her own vehicle and you want something a little more ``you``. We'll but that, too.

It can be junk. Yes, it can. Enough said.

When you want to Sell your car in Oceanside, CA, there's no need to wait. Call Cash For Cars Camp Pendleton at (760) 914-4121 to get started and find out how much cash in hand you can have


(760) 914-4121